Marine Engineering Management Graduate Certificate Courses

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Core Courses
Three courses must be taken from the following list.
Course No. Course Name
EOC 6808 Marine Power Plant Design and Optimization
This course covers fundamental knowledge of the processes involved in marine power and propulsion plants as well as engineering optimization and reliability analysis applied to the synthesis of integrated, efficient, and reliable systems for various types of naval, passenger, and cargo vessels.
EOC 6515 Hydrodynamic Aspects of Ship Design
This course covers the hydrodynamics of naval architecture with topics including resistance, propulsion, sea-keeping, and maneuvering, with emphasis on geometric effects on vehicle performance.
TE 6965 Transportation Systems Analysis
This course is design to provide students with modeling software tools to solve port traffic and sequencing for optimization for transportation flow. The following course objectives will be addressed: (a) ability to conceptualize and solve transportation system problems, (b) ability to apply operation research techniques for modeling system performance and design of transportation services, and (c) ability to investigate various techniques in transportation systems via classroom discussion, problem sets and semester-long projects.
MAN 6527 Project Management
Technology transfer concepts and applications; Deming's philosophy of management; planning, directing and controlling technical projects using PERT/CPM; designing technical organizations; motivation and leadership theory applied to technical personnel; and systems life cycle determination techniques.
MAN 6299 Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation
This course examines the management of the innovative process and how this process often results in new ideas that have business applications. In addition the course will clarify how new ideas can be developed into new products and services that can result in the creation of new business ventures. Students will study elements of the innovative process in the field and interviewing successful entrepreneurs.
Elective Courses
Two additional graduate courses must be taken in a student related field of study with the satisfaction of the prerequisite course or permission of the instructor if applicable.
Course No. Course Name
EEL 4746 Introduction to Microcontrollers
Introduction to microcontrollers, overview of assembly language, microcontroller hardware, I/O hardware alternatives Training kits will be used in the lab to run assembly programs.
  An extra 5000 or 6000 level graduate course from the College