Message from the Chair

OME Chair Welcome to the Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering (OME) at FAU.  The department offers exciting programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in both ocean and mechanical engineering, and serves a diverse population of undergraduate and graduate students.
Why Choose Ocean or Mechanical Engineering?

If you ask ocean and mechanical engineering graduates what they value most from their time at FAU, they will say it was the hands-on experience the department offers. Supported by a dedicated faculty, OME students are encouraged and challenged by a rewarding and innovative curriculum that offers programs from the land to the depths of the sea.

At the undergraduate level, our programs are grounded in engineering fundamentals with an emphasis for hands-on experience. We strive to instill and cultivate knowledge, character, imagination, creativity, and innovation as the main traits in our graduates. Our students are active in various local, national, and international design competitions including the Formula SAE Race Car event, Human Powered Submarine races, assistive technologies, alternative energy and many other exciting topics. Many of our students become involved in undergraduate research and work with faculty members in order to become exposed to scientific methods applied to engineering problems. To this end, the strength of our undergraduate program is the personal attention we offer to each and every student.

At the graduate level, we offer Masters and PhD degrees in both Ocean and Mechanical Engineering. The OME department is heavily involved in research and scholarly activities funded by industry, state and federal agencies. Research areas of special interest include, but are not limited to: autonomous marine vehicles, underwater acoustic imaging and communication, physical oceanography, hydrodynamics and acoustics of marine vehicles, robotics and controls, alternative energy (solar, wind and ocean), materials (nano, composite, and corrosion), helicopter dynamics and structures. A high percentage of our graduate students are supported by research funds as well as teaching assistantships. Our graduate students perform their research activities either on our Boca Raton campus or in our state-of-the-art Institute for Ocean and Systems Engineering called SeaTech located in Dania Beach.

Our faculty members at OME are world class in both education and research. Many have published successful textbooks in their respective areas of expertise and have received scientific and service to the field awards. Our faculty is also heavily involved in publishing their research findings in archival journals as well as presenting their works at national and international conferences.

We are delighted that you are visiting our website and hope that OME at FAU may become your home for your education and training towards a rewarding future in Ocean or Mechanical Engineering. To learn more about us here at OME, please visit our webpages related to education, research, and faculty.

If you are interested in finding out more about the OME program at FAU please contact me at 561.297.2827.


Manhar Dhanak, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Professor and Director of SeaTech